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Our Team



Jeremiah Pate

As founder/CEO, Jeremiah is responsible for all creative, technical, business, and the day-to-day direction of the Company. Prior to founding LunaSonde, Jeremiah worked on several additional projects. He developed and patented AMELIA, a machine learning-based aircraft safety system and led a team who successfully developed a low-cost fusion reactor to generate medical isotopes. His work with Artificial Intelligence for Parkinson’s disease has also earned him international attention and even Asteroid 34104 Jeremiahpate named in honor of his research.



Spacecraft engineer

Don Doerres

Don brings an incredible amount of expertise and experience to LunaSonde, with his prior work on the Lunar Prospector and OSIRIS-REx missions. His vast experience with various microcontroller platforms has made him vital in the development of Gossamer’s flight hardware and software.



Director of marketing & business administration

Hillary Pate

Hillary has a B.A. in Journalism , a Juris Doctorate, and an LL.M in Transportation and Logistics. She has extensive Experience in Public Relations, Communications, Marketing and has worked with a variety of clients throughout the years. Hillary is responsible for the development of all marketing and communications of LunaSonde as well as the strategic planning and implementation of all business and organizational aspects of the day-to-day operations of LunaSonde.



Mechanical designer

Scott Tucker

Scott is an Optical and Mechanical Designer who worked with Starizona, a company in Tucson that builds astronomical telescopes and accessories. He has also designed telescopes and instruments for NASA, the University of Arizona, and the Planetary Science Institute. Scott uses 3D printing technology to create LunaSonde’s Gossamer’s Satellites.