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Our Story

We were founded in October 2016 to provide the technology to explore resources both here on Earth and in space. Although Earth observation has revolutionized the way we look at the surface of our planet, no company has developed a way to see beneath the Earth’s surface from space. LunaSonde is the first Earth observation company to that uses satellites to collect data on valuable underground resources.


Our Team



Jeremiah Pate

Jeremiah is responsible for the technology direction and business strategy at LunaSonde. Prior to his work at LunaSonde, Jeremiah developed the machine learning-based AMELIA aircraft safety system, for which he was later granted a US patent. He also lead a team that successfully developed a low-cost fusion reactor to generate medical isotopes. His work outside of LunaSonde includes using AI for Parkinson’s disease research. Asteroid 34104 Jeremiahpate is named in honor of his research.




Don Doerres

Don brings an incredible amount of expertise and experience to LunaSonde, with previous experience on the Lunar Prospector and OSIRIS-REx missions. His vast experience with numerous microcontroller platforms has given him a vital role in the development of Gossamer’s flight hardware and software.



Director of Information Technology

Thomas Pate

Thomas has 25 years of experience within the aerospace industry. He previously worked at Lockheed Martin. He was later a consultant for the Department of Energy and IBM. He is responsible for the development of LunaSonde’s ground segment and internal server system, which will process the raw data from the Gossamer spacecraft.



Design Engineer

McKenna Monheim

McKenna has a diverse background both in architecture and special effects development. With experience in additive manufacturing, his fabrication expertise is vital to the construction of the Gossamer platform.