Seeing the Unseen

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Imaging our planet’s subsurface from orbit

Lunasonde makes the underground world visible, fundamentally transforming our understanding of the planet we live on.

We're pioneering subsurface imaging while providing a sustainable approach to resource exploration.


Lunasonde’s ability to look 15,000x deeper than current satellites and sensors is the next frontier in resource exploration.

Our small satellite can locate groundwater, mineral deposits, and other geological resources up to 2 kilometers underground.

Our data is collected in 3 minutes and provides a true 3D map of the earth's subsurface.

More About The LUNASONDE Team

Lunasonde is the first company to offer subsurface data from orbit.

Located in the heart of Tucson, Arizona, our team of engineers is working hard to unravel data never seen before.

Lunasonde's unique capabilities will revolutionize multiple sectors.






& Future

Critical Minerals

Detect novel deposits of Nickel, Lithium, and Cobalt >400m underground from orbit, addressing the supply of these critical minerals for electric vehicles and decarbonization

Water Resources

Monitor the volume of subsurface water in near real-time, protecting water rights and preventing depletion of underground aquifers


Mapping unexploded ordinance zones without risking lives on the ground

Geohazard Mitigation

Detecting areas prone to sinkhole and landslide formation prior to collapse, protecting infrastructure from these disasters before they happen

ESG & Sustainability

Mapping subsurface features amenable to CO2 storage during the carbon sequestration process

Commodities and Future

Dynamically tracking global subsurface resources, allowing for more accurate predictions of future supply

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